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001 Friendship quotes from Sanskrit langauge

Sanskrit is a very Ancient Indo-European Prototype origin language. We can find close similarities between Latvian, Lithuanian, Estonian, Old Prussian languages and Sanskrit, both in vocabulary and sentence structures. Sanskrit is a very rich Classical Language with hundreds of thousands of verses. Sanskrit also abounds in maxims, and proverbs. Here are some Sanskrit Proverbs and Sayings which are related to Friendships.


Ati Sneehaha Paapa S`amkii. (From Abhignana Sakuntalam)Friendship beyond limits should be ominous of some guilt to take place ahead.
aheetuhu pakshapaatoo yas tasya naasti pratikriya (From: Uttara Rama Caritra)A friendship which starts without specific purpose will not get broken. (This is because in a motivated friendship, one of the parties will lose interest if the desired result is not received).
Upakaara phalam mitram, apakaaroo ari lakshan`am. (Valmiki Ramayanam - Kishkindha Kanda 8-21)The character of a friend is to do good. The character of an enemy is to harm.
Tanmitram yatra vis`vaasaha. (From Mahabharata Shanti Parva 318-21-13)A friend is a friend only when he is faithful and truthful.
Tanmitram yan niramtaram vyasanee. (From Gatha Sapta Sati3-61)A friend in need is a friend indeed.
Na rutee Sraantasya sakhyaaya Deevaaha. (From Rugveda)Gods will not befriend a lazy person.
Na kimchid api kurvaan`aha saukhyeer duhkhaapi apoomati. (From Uttara Raama Caritra 6-5). Even without doing anything, a friend can give comfort and eliminate misery.
Narasya s`ooka dagdhasya suhrud dars`anam aushadham. (From Maha Bharata).The medicine for a person consumed by misery, is 'seeing a friend'.
Na sa sakhaa yoo na dadaati sakhyee. (From Rigveda 10-17-4).A friend who does not give/help his friend is not a friend.
Na hi vicalatii maitrii duuratoo api sthitaanam.Distance does not dissolve true friendships.
Praan`a parityaageena api rakshan`iiyaa suhrudasavaha. [From Kadambari (Kaadambari) of Bana (Baan`a)]Even by sacrificing own life, a friend should protecthis friend's life.
Bahu mitra karaha sukham vasatee (From Mahabharata Aranya Parva)A friend who has a large number of allies lives comfortably.
Mamdaayamtee na khalu suhrudaam abhyupeetaartha krutyaaha.(From Megha Sandesa (Meegha Samdees`am of Kalidasa 1-42)Friend accepting a request of his friend does not delay fulfilling his promise.
Mitra laabham anulaabha sampadaha. (From Kiratarjuniyam of Bharavi).Getting a friend is more beneficial than getting wealth.
Mitrasya cakshushaam samiikshaam ahe. (From Yajurveda)Let friends view each other amicably.
Mitreen`a sahaa yoo bhumktee tatoo naastiiha pun`yavaan.There can be a no virtuous person than a friend who dines with his friend.
Yasyacceed uttamaam maitriim kuryaan artha abhilaashakam. (From Sukra Niiti Saaram 3-201).If you want to develop good friendship with a person, do not deal with him financially.
Vibhaavayati bhuutiinam phalam suhrudanugrahaha.The fruit of riches is to show grace and generosity to good friends.
Vaidyee, Mitree Niramtaraa kathaa.There will be no end to conversations with friends and physicians.
S`ivaa saha sakhyaa samtuhu. (From Rigveda 4-10-8).Let our friendshipbe auspicious.
Samgachchadhvam Samvadadhvan sam voo manaamsi jaanataam.(From Rugveeda 10-191-2).Oh friends! Walk together. Talk together. Understand the hearts/ minds of each other with love.
Sambamdham aabhaashan`a puurvamaahu. (From Raghuvamsam 2-58).Conversation precedes Friendship.
Sakhaayoo anu sambadhvam. (From Rugveeda 10-103-6)Friends! Work together.
Sakhaa Sakhinoo variiyaha krun`ootu. (From Atharvan`a Veda7-51-1)A friend should do good to his friends.
Sakhaa Sakhiiram Umcan niravadyaat. (Rugveeda 3-31-8)A friend should always try to prevent friends from commiting mistakes and sins.
Sajjanaanaam sneeham na calati, duura sthitaanaam api. (From Gaathaa Sapta S`ati).Friendship of virtuous persons does not get disturbed, even when they are separated by distance.
Sati Mitree dhanaadhiis`ee carma praavarakoo haraha.Though having Kubera (Rich God ruling the direction of North) as a friend, Lord Parames`vara (the Supreme God) has to wear skins as garments.
Sarvathaa sukaram mitram, dushkaram pratipaalanam. (From Valmiki Ramayana Kishkimdha kanda)It is easy to get friends. It is difficult to continue and maintain them.
kshiireshaatmagatodakaaya hi gushaa dattam puraa te'khilaa
kshiirottaapam avekshya tena payasam svaatmam krus`aanau hutah
gantuh paavakam unmanas tad abhavad drusht`vaa tu mitraapadh
yukt teena jaleena s`aamyati sataha maitrii punastviidrus`ii. (From Bhartrihari's Niti Satakam)
Friendship between Milk and water
1. Milk lends its good qualities to water, when water is added to it.
2. Water jumps into fire, when it finds the milk boiling and in danger.
3. Milk also jumps into fire, unable to bear the danger to its friend (water).
4. Both enjoy peace, when milk and water live together.
aarambha gurvii kshayieeii kramesha
laghvii puraa vruddhimatii ca pas`caat
dinasya puurvaardha paraardha bhinnaa
chaayeva maitrii khala saj janaanaam

The poet discusses two types of friendship. 1. Friendship between two good persons. 2. “ between two rascals.
Friendship between two good persons starts on a small scale like a shadow in the midday which is very short and stretches to full length by dusk.
Friendship between two bad persons (or one good person and another bad person) starts ostentatiously and fails at the end, like a shadow in the morning which is very long and becomes negligible by midday.


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